Episode 17- I chose this!

How to show up as the fully empowered woman you truly are every single day of your life. The world needs you operating at this level.

Episode 16- I support me!

In this episode, I share how my back has been trying to communicate a very important message and it wasn't giving up until I finally listened. I mean REALLY Listened!

Episode 15 - My holiday gift to you

This is my tried and true tip for experiencing a genuine sense of peace and joy during the holiday season.

Join the discussion and connect with more women claiming their power in the facebook group: Radiant Woman You. I am looking forward to meeting you! 😘💕❤️

Episode 14- Goodbye Overwhelm!

Overwhelm isn't the problem, it's the symptom. Two shifts I made in my life that took me from feeling stressed out and overwhelmed in my life to feeling empowered and living a life of ease.

Join the discussion and connect with more women claiming their power in the facebook group: Radiant Woman You. I am looking forward to meeting you! 😘💕❤️

Episode 13 - Getting the love you want and keeping it

It took me two failed marriages and 42 years of life to discover the secret to having the fulfilling relationship that I have always longed for.

Episode 12 - The Deep Work

The fulfillment you seek lives inside of you, but the trick is that you need to feel secure enough inside yourself first to actually claim it.

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Episode 11 - Empowered Woman

What is an empowered woman, really? I cannot wait to get into this conversation with you! If you haven't already, join me in the "Radiant Woman You" Facebook group and share your thoughts on this episode.

Episode 10 - How to get what you need!

In this episode, we will unpack why you may not be getting your needs met and how to turn that around so you can feel fulfilled in your life.

Episode 9 - The Heroine's Journey: A Special Invitation

This is a special invitation to a free 3-day event that will guide you step by step out of settling for crumbs into a life of thriving! Trust me, you don't want to miss this!!!

Episode 8 - Emotional Alchemy

The most powerful transformational tool to break through what is holding you back and keeping you small, lives inside of you! It's time to use it!

Episode 7 - You're worth it! All. Damn. Day.

Celebrating yourself on the daily for anything and everything is the best way to be a stand for your value.

Episode 6 - She did what?!

Truth, women need the support of other women to fully embrace our radiance. We literally cannot do it without each other. But leaning into this support takes trust. How can we really trust each other when there is still a gaping wound from past hurt? Let me show you the way.

Episode 5 - Guilty Pleasure

How did we get it in our minds that pleasure is something wrong that you have to hide or even feel guilty about?

Episode 4 - Come and Get Your Love

Why the path of self-love is not always easy, but necessary if you want intimacy. And an easy a hack to help get you get there faster!

Episode 3 - Intimacy starts here

The level of intimacy you experience in your life begins with your relationship with your body. Let's dive right in, together.

Episode 2 - It's not extra, it's essential.

Owning your true Feminine Power isn't extra. No, it's essential. Here's why.

Episode 1 - Introduction: Path of the Radiant Woman

Opening your heart and connecting with your sensuality is the path of the radiant woman and I would be honored to have you join me on this ever-unfolding epic journey. Together we can awaken to who we came here to be!