Hi! I’m Cathy, 

It is my honor and privilege to do deep embodiment work with women healers and coaches who are supporting others at higher and higher levels

Hello Beautiful!

I think I might know why you are here! You are ready to embody the next level of YOU and you are looking for some high-level support to get you there. Am I close? You do excellent work holding, and now it’s your turn! You probably have other healers you see and maybe even a therapist, but you are not quite thriving in the way you know you’re meant to. Am I getting you?

I suspect you have been working on yourself for years but some itches are too deep to scratch on your own! Maybe you have even worked with coaches, therapists, plant medicine and everything else but you haven’t quite been able to step into empowerment at the level you you know you can. There’s no question about your willingness to do the work you just haven’t found someone you can trust who has the capacity to hold you more deeply than you can hold yourself. Oh woman, I feel you! It’s not easy finding guides who have enough embodied experience to provide high level support.

First, it says a lot about you that you even landed here! It’s an honor to meet you! With almost 3 decades of experience healing my own wounds from my childhood as well as my ancestral lineage and over two decades experience midwifing women on their healing journey, you can trust you are in the right place! I don’t believe in happenstance, only synchronicities! We were certainly meant to connect here. Question is, do you want to take it further to see where this path may be headed?

If your answer is already Hell YES, then click the link below and let’s set up a time to chat!

My Background

I’m so happy to connect with you here and delighted that we have found one another!

For over two decades, I have heart-fully devoted myself to my own healing path while diving deep into epic programs, trainings and mentorships with the best of the best. One of my first teachers would always say, “You have to live it to give it”, and I have carried that wisdom with me like a bible. I have been collecting transformational tools, wisdom and practices to support women like you to shine! I thrive witnessing you thrive!

My coaching draws from the work of IFS, Imago therapy, Tantra, Hypnotherapy, Kundalini, Shamanism and so much more. I am a life-long student of A Course in Miracles and I have a background in Chinese Medicine, massage therapy and acupuncture. It has been a source of deep inspiration and fulfillment to have worked with dozens of women like you, supporting their return to the inherent wholeness that is their birthright. My approach is highly eclectic, embracing the mystical as well as the practical while bridging the gap between mind and body intelligence.


My Journey of Spiritual Awakening & Deep Embodiment

In 1993 I found myself living in service in an ecumenical spiritual retreat center called The Lama Foundation, in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Having renounced the outside world, I immersed myself in service, meditation and spiritual study with the top spiritual teachers and thought leaders in the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Kundalini yoga and others. In my youthful wanderings, I had innocently stumbled upon the awakened path of the heart. I drank it all in like a child in paradise.

I surrendered and embraced the Divinity in all things.

After three years of spiritual immersion, I received a strong call that it was time to rejoin the world. The call was so forceful, I gathered up my one-year old child and all my belongings that same day and made my trek down the mountain to rejoin the hustle and bustle of life. The day after I left, a forest fire swept across the Sangre de Cristos mountains consuming most of the trees and standing structures of the community. It was a clear sign that it was time.

There was no looking back. The Lama Foundation has given me a great gift that few have the opportunity to know so early on the path:

I got to experience the bliss of connecting with the truth of who we really are underneath the veils of the ego. The profound gift of knowing who I really am gave me the faith and the courage I needed to face the insurmountable healing journey I had ahead of me. Knowing this deep truth in myself has given me the capacity to recognize it in YOU!

I spent years trying to earn my worth and gain a sense of approval.

I was tirelessly seeking love and belonging outside myself. After several long-term relationships and two failed marriages of feeling unappreciated and unloved, I took a break.

Reflecting on my life and all of the courage it has taken for me to get to where I am today, I feel deep reverence and appreciation for myself and my path.

And that wellspring of deep reverence inside of me ripples out to each and every woman I work with.


It was time to learn how to deeply love and honor myself.

I spent the next few years in a relationship with me! I began treating myself how I wanted to be treated. I came to the threshold of knowing that I would never settle for a relationship that wasn’t in service to my highest good. Soon thereafter, I met my future husband who is still the love of my life. Breakthrough moment: If you want to find a partner who loves and respects you, you have to first love and respect yourself.

Awakening the Abundance within

Finding the man who loves and adores all that I am is NOT the end of the story. No way! “Happily ever after” is a boring fairy tale that isn’t a story at all. We are human beings constantly expanding and becoming. Having a loving and supportive relationship has certainly been an instigator as well as an asset on my most recent pursuit and what I have come to know as my soul’s purpose; awakening the sacred feminine in myself and in the world.

A couple of months before my 48th birthday, I was invited to participate in a plant spirit medicine ceremony in Mexico. A spot opened up literally last minute for this 6-day retreat. My life was already going really well. I was happily married, with a thriving business. I already loved my life so much that I had to really dig for my intention for the retreat,

I became acutely aware that even though I had it good, I was still hustling. I wasn't exactly living in the overflow of abundance, I was still busting my ass for it! I knew that true abundance is more about the being than the doing, but the concept was so foreign to my nature that I had no idea how to embody it. This became the intention that changed the course of my entire life and took it from good to amazing!

My journey with the medicine revealed to me that I am the abundance I seek! This realization set me on my path of embodying this truth! The next four years I dove deeper than ever before to strip away everything that was in my way of experiencing my true nature.

On the other side of that deepest dive, I am living the abundant life that seemed so foreign to me! It's an ever-blossoming life that I say yes to every single day. And I want this for you too!

What are you waiting for?

As women, we have been taught to put everyone else's needs above our own. This pattern runs deeper than you might think. I am still unpacking the unconditional patterns that have been handed down for generations. Let's face it, as healers and guides, we are more likely to place our client's needs above our own and it doesn't stop there does it? This is not sustainable! Eventually we end up depleted and what use are we then?

  • Do you still find yourself over-giving and feeling exhausted?
  • Are you the one holding other's at high levels only to be left wondering, "What about me?"
  • Do you feel like you are being under-appreciated for level at which you serve? Financially, Energetically, or Emotionally

It's time to turn all of this around.

It is my deepest desire to invite you to embody this level of abundance for yourself and all those you serve . This is what the “Radiant Woman” path is all about. The tangible result of this embodiment journey is that you get to step into your own radiance and inspire more and more women to do the same.

There is so much more waiting for you in this container than I could ever begin to describe with words. This is the nature of embodiment work; you have to experience it to truly know it. This is why I am offering a stand-alone session where we can dive in together and you can get a feel for what it would be like for us to work together. If you are feeling curious, let's do this!