What if it were easy?

I’m going through a huge transformation in my life right now that has everything to do with stepping even more fully into my soul’s purpose. In truth, I have been living it the whole time, and yet there are points along one’s journey when we are being called to expand even more. This one of those times. And as I am guiding women through this round of “The Heroine’s Journey”, I am finding that the more I let go and surrender, I am being gracefully ushered into a next level of me.

There is this thing about transformation and change that most of us resist. It’s the part where you have to surrender and let go. If you try to bypass this step, which so many of us try to do because it’s so uncomfortable, you will inevitably settle back into the same level of life you had before. Even if your circumstances have changed.

Whether it’s a big life change that you chose or one that was chosen for you, the process of transformation is the same. Some part of you must die in order for something new to take its place. It’s an ego death that can be excruciating or actually quite blissful, depending on how you approach it.

I did a podcast back in 2018 called “Be the Goo” and in that episode I talk about this first stage of transformation. It’s that part when the caterpillar crawls up into the chrysalis to dissolve into the goo that will somehow reconfigure itself into a butterfly. This is such a beautiful analogy because this is exactly what happens for us when we don’t interfere with the process of transformation.

I just realized the other day that I am actually in the Goo!

I had a few days of feeling like everything is hard! Like walking in mud! And after walking myself through one of the exercises in The Heroine’s Journey, I realized that I am being undone and I need to stop resisting!

As soon as I let go of the struggle, something miraculous happened! Everything began to flow with ease. And this is what happens every single time. I am swimming upstream trying to make it happen. As soon as I stop forcing it and admit that I don’t know how, invisible forces take over and I am transformed in the process.

The game of transformation boils down to how willing you are to let go and let Divine Source do its work. The thing I’ve discovered is when I believe the how is my job, I try to control the outcome and I get nowhere. The truth is, I have no business interfering with “the how” because I don’t know anything about who this butterfly is I’m becoming. I only know who I’ve been, so if I try to control the process, I’ll only recreate the same level version of myself again and again.

The caterpillar doesn’t resist coming undone, it just dissolves into the goo. And what happens on the other side? It becomes a freaking butterfly!

Life is constantly giving us opportunities to let go because it’s our nature to transform! And we can go through this process gracefully through surrender, or it can be a real shit show if we choose to resist.

Is there some area in your life where you are struggling against the natural flow? Maybe stop and ask yourself this question: What would it look like if it were easy?