Intimacy starts here...

So hopefully by now I have gotten you excited about embodying your Radiant Woman and connecting more deeply with the powerful gifts of the Sacred Feminine. When you really think about it, why would you NOT want this. After all it IS your birthright.

It’s not like you can just go in and open a door and that’s it. It’s a journey that requires patience. Just like you can’t force a rose to blossom, you can’t rush the awakening of the Feminine. She will not stand for that. In fact, the nature of the Feminine is slow. So if you want to meet her, you’re going to have to slow down and allow her to reveal herself.

The Feminine requires slowing enough to bring your full awareness into your present experience. You have to bring all your senses online so you are able to really take it all in. What do you see when you really allow yourself to see? What do you hear when you really listen? What do you feel inside your body from your head to your toe when you really allow yourself to feel? It’s a heightened level of awareness that is the expression of the Sacred Feminine.

You may be thinking that you’ve got way too much going on to have the luxury of slowing down, but what actually begins to happen when you become more present in your life is that you awaken a magnetic force that has its own intelligence, that’s far more efficient than your linear mind. It’s almost like the Divine Feminine force is able to function outside of linear time and space. Somehow so much more gets done without your having to exert nearly any force. Again, this is something you will just have to see for yourself as we move through this powerful journey of awakening the sacred Feminine. There are so many benefits to look forward to.

I wanted to talk about slowing down because some of the steps we are going to take will seem so simple that you might try to skip past. I want to encourage you not to skip even a single step. Even if you think you know already. Your ego will always block this path by telling you you already know. Beginner’s mind is the most efficient path. After everything I have experienced and all the teachings and methods I have studied, I still approach everything with the curiosity of a child. Otherwise, I know I will miss the gemstone that is waiting for me.

Every single morsel of this path is sacred and contains within it so much depth that you could spend 1000 lifetimes exploring and there would still be more to gain. It’s that potent and rich.

To start this journey, the Radiant Woman path begins with Self-Love. Self-love is not only the first step, it’s the focus for all of our work together. Everything you experience in life is a reflection of your relationship with yourself, and I want to start with body love as the body is the home of the spirit and of the Sacred Feminine. Michael Beckwith calls it the “Body Temple”. If you don’t have love and reverence for your body, you won’t be given access to the powerful gifts that are hidden deep inside. You can’t desecrate your body temple and expect to experience the Garden of Eden that lives within.

What is your relationship to your body? Do you admire yourself in the mirror each day, or do you tend to be critical, noticing every part that isn’t perfect? Are there areas that you give more love to than others? Take a moment to scan your body slowly from head to toe, undressing yourself with your inner eye. Just notice how you feel about your body. Does that feel like an easy request? Or is it uncomfortable?

Having a positive relationship with your body means giving it consistent love and admiration, not just keeping it clean and offering it regular spa treatments. It means actively adoring and appreciating its beauty and its function.

In my mid to late 40’s, my body started going through some drastic changes that made me really uncomfortable. I hadn’t realized how attached I was to how my body looked. I put on an extra 20 pounds that I had no control over. And there were other noticeable changes that I was hyper aware of. Every time I passed the mirror, I was judging some part of my body. All I could see were imperfections.

This was right about the time I was having my big awakening and beginning my journey to connect with the Feminine. The thing that became abundantly clear was I had to heal my relationship with my body because the Sacred Feminine was not about to open her doors in response to my abuse. I was desecrating the temple with my judgments. I realized I had to heal my relationship with my body, to learn how to love my body instead of resenting it for not matching my idea of what a beautiful body should look like.

So first I needed to stop judging and start loving my body instead, which meant I needed to get out of my head. Love comes from the heart not the analytical mind. The cortical brain isn’t actually capable of love. It’s designed for critical thinking. It’s amazing for things like boundary setting, discernment, efficiency, and protection, but not love. To love anything or anyone, you have to get out of your head and access your heart. So that’s exactly what I did. I dove in.

I have a powerful exercise that will change your relationship with your body.

You are going to be amazed at how dramatic a shift you’ll experience in how you see your body. And it’s pretty quick too. I never did lose that extra 20 lbs and I actually stopped trying. Instead I started loving my body exactly as it is! This shift actually morphed the way I see my body in the mirror. I stopped weighing myself, because the scale was telling me a story that was inconsistent with the amazing figure I now see in the mirror, and based on the compliments I continue to receive, it’s actually changed how others see me as well.

Of course, how you feel about your body changes everything in the bedroom! We will get more into this when we start exploring sacred sexuality and tantric practices for deeper levels of intimacy and connection.

But also, loving your body has a huge effect on your overall confidence. When you feel good about your body, you naturally drop your self-consciousness. You free up a tremendous amount of energy and cognitive bandwidth so you can be more present and available in your life, which is what makes you radiant.

This powerful exercise and my gift for you is a step-by-step guided audio that you can get by going to my Instagram account Or you can email me at and I will send it straight to your inbox.

The Feminine needs to be inspired to share her gifts and the first step is loving and honoring your body temple.

Let’s do this.

Peace and Blessings